**beasts Of Glory Poem by Sylvi Sylva

**beasts Of Glory

Rating: 2.9

They left their homes, for a better life
Terrorised new pastures, green and fertile
They raided the maiden land, reaped its fortunes
Sent their loot to their motherland

They left their villages, for a better camp
Leaving their cold and wintry islands, damp and soiled
They said they brought peace, enslaving souls
Stealing the natives to their fatherland

They left their leathers and plume, for a richer cloth and sun
Wove trinkets, gaining land and driving the inhabitants
They grabbed the richer cloth, weaving subjects in rags
Stowing their boot to their fatherland

Now driven from the warm and green, pastures spoilt
Beaten back to their cold and wintry islands, damp and soiled
Bestowing titles on their gentry, crests with pomp and orders
Clinging to fallen riches to show they were once the motherland

Sylvi Sylva


James B. Earley 15 April 2008

Man's inhumanity to Man! A rather sad state of affairs my friend...... Excellent composition... Thanks...

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Neil Marsden 24 January 2008

Very rarely one comes across pieces of writing that you know have just fallen to the page. Poems like this are not born of struggles to find words, they are created by nothing more than insight and sheer talent! 100/10 Neil.

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Bob Blackwell 07 January 2008

Sylvi, what you write is only truth; the rape of Africa and other conquered lands was only for the profit of a few and now it continues in Iraq and other places. This was a brave and well written poem worth more than ten. Keep writing. Bob B

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Broken Peaces 04 January 2008

Like this one Sylvi send a copy to President Bush and his minions, what have we done in the name of progress. Chris 10

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