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Those eyes that smile wickedly, each time you wink
That belly laughter that echoes, in rooms you enter
This side of life has its highs, never of your ilk
You my friend has the word for cool I hear

I wish my Daddy would live here
I wish he didn’t have to go away
I wish if he could only for one day
Perhaps tell me he loved me at all

When I am arrogant
To the point of ignorance
Unearth me
Unbound me

Cold, Cold Feet
You feel: I always get cold feet
In this, your roomful society
It’s not through lack of courage, you'll see

Fear the spoken silence
For you know nowt
Why or where the sentiment
or if indeed, its contented silence.

Do I see,
Prism delights
Violets and azures
Orange and blue haze

Old man so young
Old tricks, new belt, old bag o’ nails
New shoes, same feet, now going flat
To me, a young man, so full of heart

They left their homes, for a better life
Terrorised new pastures, green and fertile
They raided the maiden land, reaped its fortunes
Sent their loot to their motherland

How mighty is it to feel
The weight when you are down
So you can float, in aboundin will
From nadir to acme, now a star known

By daylight I seek you, I call to you
my impulsive mind sketching: it sketches simply you
I sense you in smiles, silhouettes, and various places
By nighttime, I see you, I call you, I find you

When your mother walks a mile, your father works all day
Count the steps she took, weigh the burden on his shoulder
Learn to gather her pace, when you learn the ropes,
Be There

You said
I was the sight and epitome of shame
The voice and resounding sound of pain
Now look, it's your fault and you are to blame

'Stupid Cow! ' prospective mother in law hissed
Princess Bride, shimmering 'Old Horse', and giggled
Banishing each other to their hindly quarters
Loving Colt today also a dashing groom hoofed, in bridles

(Soldiers and Children of War)

Long days gone, long nights perilous in their wake, smoky haze for days to come,
Lives blotted, eyes forlorn, raging storms in the heart of the land as too outside

If I were a ship, on its maiden voyage
I would invariably face south, only if you were there
I would float west, whatever climatical weather
I would turn east, forge or even bear North West

Falling snow, glistening thickly bright
Your smile across the room brings alight
when you are home

Continuous work in progress....

Life, Love...Death

Would it be logical to invite your foot into my lodging for your understanding
Would you spare a thought to the voice with no place to call home
Does it chill your nerves to be present with one living a crushed dream
Or will you not care, not notice ‘cause 'tis not your image

I am only here for my good looks…you say?
Manners and diligence I leave for the rich
Affluence by numbers, birth or brains - Categorise!

And it was all bright
For the time, a little time frame
Springing across the bog, a light
Mesmerized, lost in time

Sylvi Sylva Biography

Born in the Republic of Malawi, Africa now living in London. Likes reading, music, films, food, travel - motorbikes, interacting with people, learning new cultures and expanding myths and values of life. Enjoy to be around people who can hold a two way and balanced conversation. Passionate about life's resonance and how it affects us as individuals and collectively. So you will find that my poems are not only a mixed bag of experiences of myself and those around me but also observations and perceptions. You can email me via or visit http: //

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***absent Friends

Those eyes that smile wickedly, each time you wink
That belly laughter that echoes, in rooms you enter
This side of life has its highs, never of your ilk
You my friend has the word for cool I hear
How I want to resound your laughter...this side of town or there!

Your silly laugh and better judgement, acumen diverse
The beauty in your eyes, to search for rays, amidst dark clouds
Your patience to sit through stories, of my life in reverse
Braving the weather, seasons, manmade and the Gods
How I yearn to wear your shoes, that side of town or here!


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Sílvia Oliveira 05 January 2008

As a very recent member from, I´ve came across your name - almost my namesake, which is Sílvia (Sílvia Regina de Oliveira is my full Brazilian name) - and felt inspired to read one of your poems - From Whence You Came - that I now much appreciate to read. I´m a Brazilian woman who visited South Africa in 2002 and was fully impressed by the culture in its different ethinic aspects and tasty wine! I´ve run my own students of English and this exchange of culture is such an exciting and necessary point that I´ve decided to send you my comments on your literary work. I´m a poet, too; in fact, I´ve been writing since my early 20´s, especially in English as a way of practicing the English language in a more creative manner! In case you feel like keeping in contact, please find me here where I promise to post some of my poems sometime soon! Best Regards, Sílvia

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