***each Time My Beloved Poem by Sylvi Sylva

***each Time My Beloved

Rating: 2.8

By daylight I seek you, I call to you
my impulsive mind sketching: it sketches simply you
I sense you in smiles, silhouettes, and various places
By nighttime, I see you, I call you, I find you
I know you; I hold you, in rugged anonymous sculptures
I sense you, you find me, and tenderly I’m with you …
each time you are away, my beloved.

By nighttimeI feel you, I touch you
my pounding heart rendering; it renders just for you
I sense you in pathways, portraits, and familiar faces
By daytime, you find me, I come to you
I know you, I feel you, touch your familiar face
I sense you, I see you, and tenderly I’m with you…
each time you are away.

Day and night I seek you; I taste you; I feel you
Your fluttering heart rendering, it renders just for me
You trace me, you call to me, in inspiring and desolate places
Night and day I sense you, I touch you, I talk to you
Your knowing mind sketching; it sketches simply me
You bid me, you smile at me, and eternally you are with me…
each time I am on my own, my beloved.


Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 26 May 2008

wow! this is so kool sylvi. you scratch me back and i scratch yours........

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Bobbie Jean Wright 12 January 2008

This is a beautiful declaration of love...and a very befitting title. I agree with christopher...a definate 10.: o) Bj

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Broken Peaces 12 January 2008

You romantic 10 Chris

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