' Enneagram (Revised) Poem by Margaret Alice Second

' Enneagram (Revised)

Rating: 2.7

But no, nothing helped when I tried to be myself
reading old books, even a new one on sixth sense
said I should take heed of every single pain my
body produced to determine what I think

I feel a stranger in my own skin after a day
doing Big Five & Enneagram questionnaires
– which classify me the most selfish, unhelpful,
self-centred human alive;

even fairy pictures in my Treasury of Children’s
Poetry failed to restore me; according to the
questionnaires, I am detrimental to people
I meet in social contexts - I am devastated

cannot believe I am the MEAN uncaring person
Jung’s questionnaire says; I shall explain to
those I love HOW MUCH I love them, but if it
is true, I wanted to MUCH be better than that –

am still trying as a matter of fact…

Patti Masterman 14 April 2016

It is almost as though we run away from ourselves when we try too much to understand the nature of our being. We are too far to the left, or to the right, not near enough to our center, taking everything out of context.. just my two cents worth. ;)

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Dan Reynolds 22 July 2014

I find these exercises are a waste of time, as we usually answer the way we think we should, rather than with true honesty. Nice poem.

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Dorian Petersen Potter 26 June 2014

I loved it! Very nice.

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Dorian Petersen Potter 26 June 2014

Nice read. Enjoyed it!

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