'' Because, None Of Them Fight '' Poem by Bri Mar

'' Because, None Of Them Fight ''

Are the majority blind,
To what's going on,
Or are we designed,
To believe every con,
This is humankind,
Who refuse to be drawn,
On the fact that some stay alright.

While we all freeze,
They remain warm,
Eating what they please,
All so true to form,
For them life's a breeze,
They're immune from the storm,
When will we see the light?

Their propaganda machine,
They keep in full flow,
What's allowed to be seen,
Is what they want you to know,
There is no in between,
If it's war, you will go,
Those in power love to incite.

They'll tell you to die,
To kill or be killed,
Though you know they lie,
It's what they have willed,
If their rules you defy,
Your blood will be spilled,
Say yes, they'll make you a knight.

This is where you belong,
Take off your mask,
You must remain strong,
Take your enemy to task,
Who's right or wrong,
Don't you dare ask,
The answer may make you contrite.

With dogged persistence,
Behind concrete walls,
They'll last the distance,
In their nice cosy halls,
To put up personal resistance,
They don't have the balls,
That should fill you with fright.

World leaders connive,
To ensure they don't lose,
Afterwards they'll strive,
To impose their own views,
To die or survive,
You don't get to choose,
They do,

‘' Because, None Of Them Fight ‘'

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