Bri Mar Poems

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'' Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder ''

You can see it and hear it, it's a sensual taste,
Yes It is truly a gift to behold,
You can touch it or smell it on our senses it's based,
Aesthetically it begins to unfold.

'' As Intervention Is What God's Seem To Hate ''

Life can be cruel and hard to bear,
You're dead a long time that's a fact,
Why do our Gods not make us aware?
Heavens gifts are not myth but a fact.

'' Not Just A Refugee ''

I was forced to leave my homeland,
My children and my wife,
To find a safer place to live,
Ultimately to save my life.

'' The Birth Of A Child ''

I've been floating around here for quite some time,
They need to release me I've reached my prime,
I'm kicking and punching I will find a way,
In here I'm restricted so I don't want to stay.

'' As Our Planet Dies ''

This planet Earth is quite unique,
I live, I breathe, I'm alive,
If you take out all my goodness,
I will no longer thrive

'' Being A Politician Can'T Be Beat ''

What does it take to be a politician?
Well your demeanour has to be cheesy,
Then you must make it your life's mission,
To be a cretin who is dishonest and sleazy.

'' A Ball That Eats Would Truly Astound ''

My dad bought me a brand new ball,
So we went out for a stroll,
How it made me feel ten feet tall,
He said let's take it for a roll.

'' But When Will Society Ever Learn ''

Why do humans tell lies after they chastise,
Is the truth too much that they need a crutch,
Reality they must hide as it proves they've been snide,
While they don't get caught their victims are left fraught.

'' The Crocodile Hunter ''

When you met him in person,
He would just turn and say,
I'd rather meet animals,
So crikey and g'day.

'' A Rainbow Coloured God ''

God gave us colours in our daily routine,
A clear blue sky the grass so green,
The colours of the mammals, all the life in the seas,
Our rainforest habitat they're all there to please.

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