'' Not Just A Refugee '' Poem by Bri Mar

'' Not Just A Refugee ''

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I was forced to leave my homeland,
My children and my wife,
To find a safer place to live,
Ultimately to save my life.

My decision wasn't taken lightly,
So please try to be aware,
We only want security,
For you to show you care.

What you take for granted,
We are not allowed,
While we must say things quietly,
You can shout out loud.

You can walk for miles on end,
Without the need for fear,
What we'd give to do the same,
That's our reason for coming here.

You can choose where you want to go,
We don't have that choice,
All we want is liberty,
To be able to have a voice.

While you have a dream in life,
To be fabulously wealthy,
Where I come from our only aim,
Is trying to stay fit and healthy.

If you were beaten every day,
You'd say that can't be right,
That is why I had to move,
I'd lost the will to fight.

If you were told your life is ours,
You do not have a say,
Would you not do the same as me,
Get up and run away.

I want to work and pay my way,
Just the same as you,
All I ask for in return,
Is respect from just a few,

I don't want your handouts,
I'd much rather be employed,
That way I'll feel valued,
My life can be enjoyed.

So please don't treat me differently,
I do not look for favours,
What I seek is acceptance,
That's what our species savours.

I did what any human would,
In order to survive,
While I'm here there's always hope,
My family will survive.

Until you get to know me,
Please don't make a song and dance,
Just try to learn who I am,
All I ask for is a chance.

Before you make any judgement,
Please try to understand,
I come for your democracy,
Not to steal your land.

You're renowned for fighting injustice,
A cause you‘re fighting still,
I am doing just the same,
My mission I must fulfill.

That is why I came here,
On freedom you're renowned,
Help me through to be as you,
Then equality we'll have found.

I do not ask for sympathy,
Just a friendly ear,
To listen to my troubles,
You can help bring me some cheer.

I miss my wife and children too,
Most everyone's the same,
As humans we love our families,
They're worth much more than fame.

I pray one day we'll be as one,
Those wrongs will all be righted,
With your help I'll once again,
With my family be reunited.

Close your eyes for just a while,
When you open them you'll see,
I am like you, a Human Being,

‘' Not Just A Refugee ''

Brian Markey 01 May 2019

Go for it and good luck.

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John G 27 April 2019

Hi Bri, I wanted to use your poem in my memoir can i have your permission please?

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Sandra Feldman 09 April 2019

Unfortunately, many do not come with good intentions and can't even make a living.. But your poem is very good.

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Brian Markey 09 April 2019

I like to believe the good will always outweigh the bad Sandra, I'm the eternal optimist.

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Rickard Linde 03 May 2016

Love this! May I use your words in my songwriting?

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Sally Plumb Plumb 23 October 2015

Good English, I feel like a refugee at times.

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