Becoming... Poem by GRANT FRASER


Rating: 5.0

You need new skin
don't you,
something to get into...

Somewhere you can gaze
out from,

This Is all wrong somehow,
or doesn't fit?

And they keep
coming back
with their arms
filled with poems,

We've been
away picking them...

Leave them over there,
I say...

God I need to burn
much more than i thought,

This is not even the tip
of a tongue,
that exposed itself
to that awe in language,

Where is the nude Fire,
of poets blazing now?

I don't know how to come
clean, my thought seems unreal,

Can I have your skin?

It's young and fresh,
like a new born daisy!

Your just eh! a bit mad?

I would gladly wear you,
transform again,

With the courage to cast
a hook into the very
depth of your mind,

But most carefully...

Kumarmani Mahakul 07 April 2020

Whenever we surrender before God, giving us his wisdom he empowers us and brings transformation. Through nature he renews our skin. This poem is very interestingly and brilliantly penned with much beauty. Thank you very much for sharing this work.

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Adeline Foster 17 September 2015

Good job. Read mine Who Am I Adeline

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Aria Siren 11 April 2013

Wow. I love the perspective this is written from. It is beautifully written with lovely visuals and unique style. Excellent piece!

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 11 April 2013

a heart touching poem words are fantastically chosen nice....thank u

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