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I am a dream
I walk in the billows
I dance in the exhalations
I swim in the clouds

As I watch
My family ravage their marriage
Screw up
My heritage

if i keep


Shuffling through old letters and devotions
Buried muse screams for me to let her float
Painted on skin deliquesced in your ocean
Elephant in the room sits on my throat


Fists swung in the air
Dashing pink hopes
Bleeding red
Feathers from pillows

if you could see me right now
from wherever you are hiding
you would laugh
to see me at the freezer section

I was 9 days clean of you
I washed myself free of you
I burned your name away from my parting lips
I chopped you from my hair with brash clips

i am clumsy when i love
but did you know
im clumsy when i walk?
i have no filter when i talk?

Dearest friend-your death washes over me
Nineteen days after the unanswered call
I walk through shivering tree's scabby leaves
Chilled with loud whispers of an early fall

I am not smooth and fine
Like other girls
With floating steps
Bitten lips and perfect curls

I was never a pretty cryer-like movie scenes depict
They weep beautiful tears-I weep until I am sick
I scream and curse and sob and yell
Until my head throbs and my eyes swell

I keep going through
Phases of common sense
That shock me with a clear view
Until you reappear in a hazy lens

the fire had struck the building with such force
no one whispered about survivors
the windy day blew the flames around
like trick candles on a cake

After the fall
I am left cold, shivering, a mess
And as the leaves crawl
I am naked in winters cold breath

it was a lightning bug summer
we danced in blackberry water that mirrored the stars
spanish moss leaping with the breeze
jagged lighting piercing the sky with fleeting scars


I hate this
Silently I sit
My mouth bound
By your lack of regard

Thick skinned hands peeling like potatoes
If I...
Pull them back
Slowly remove these layers

Can't you see?
You're killing me.

Slowly feeding me poison

I've been here so long
That I've forgotten
Where I am

I want people to acknowledge the broken parts
Without moving too close
Afraid they may touch something hurting
Or discover what I hide the most

Aria Siren Biography

I have been writing forever. My earliest poem I remember writing is with chalk. Thankfully I have moved on to more sophisticated writing materials and (hopefully) more grown up subject matter. I love writing and it is a big part of who I am. My poetry is at times a detailed diary entry, a quick punch of what I'm feeling, a detailed observation... I feel like more than anything though, it is a mirror of who I am inside. Sometimes that reflection is not pretty. Sometimes it is awkward. Sometimes it is angry or confused. But sometimes, and only sometimes, it captures the most perfect moment in the best way I know how.)

The Best Poem Of Aria Siren

I Write In Dreams

I am a dream
I walk in the billows
I dance in the exhalations
I swim in the clouds
I love without consequence
I curl within hearts
I laugh upon wakes
I kiss all the possibilities
I dare danger
I twirl in gauzy light
I tease eyelids fluttering
I arch my back
I stretch my legs
I whisper to you in daylight
I own you in rest
I am an artist
I paint in thoughts
I am a poet
I write in dreams

Aria Siren Comments

Grant Fraser 18 April 2013

'Final breaths rise with no map to follow', This poem saturates to the very bones - so exquisite and sad!

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Søren Valentine 30 December 2012

In my eyes, Aria is a wordsmith. Like her, I have written for most of my life. If it wasn't for her and another friend, I would never have grown in style and diversity (if those are the correct words) . Her poetry often times has inspired me to write, even when I feel like giving poetry (and writing in general) up. She gives great advice when you need help with a poem and her language I find amazing. She bends words to her own will, twisting their meaning yet keeping their originality. Overall she is a great writer and if I didn't mean it, I wouldn't have said (or written I suppose) it.

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