. Before All Fades To Gray Poem by Mary Havran

. Before All Fades To Gray

Rating: 4.0

On late winter afternoons
Before it all fades to gray
Distractions blur mind’s focus
Engendering thoughts to stray

A dark crow perched on a limb
The gray squirrel on the fence
Rely instinct will reveal
Their ordained paths leading hence

No parallel guide exists
For humankind to resource
While sufficient light remains
To secure my future course

Thoughts percolate inside
What purpose or intent
Will providence provide
Before daylight is spent

Heart voices gentle say
Spirit lends light to way
Yet qualms suffuse each day
Before all fades to gray

Ron Flowers 24 July 2008

This is really a pleasure to read, Mary. Fine work.

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Greenwolfe 1962 06 April 2008

I find this to be one of the finest things I have read, I have secured it in my collection as I should. There are really now flaws here. But it also contains something of value in its perspective. Very creative, and used wisely. A genuine masterpiece is of the same size as this. Greeney

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Joseph Reybar 28 March 2008

Rather somber, but I guess that is what Gray is about.

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.... and it always does, doesn't it. Provokingly wistful/accepting piece m. t x

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