Before I Go Poem by James Enoch

Before I Go

Rating: 4.5

(this is a little mo' hip hop, a little less 'poetry')

Sittin' here broken wristed, for once not twisted, so my thoughts have shifted,
drifted, far enough to realize that I am gifted, don't need to be high,
or live life lifted, but I do because, I've got itches, and urges,
I binge and purge with my words, binge smoke to calm my nerves,
don't binge drink to watch my words, watch my swerves,
matter of fact, i'm addicting to the herb,
trying to quit, but I can't kick it to the curb,
gotta prepare for life, open your glove and watch the curves,
watch for lies, be open with love and you'll get what you deserve.
trying to come clean with myself, your crazy thoughts could haunt ya,
trying to come clean with myself, and eliminate the monster.

i'm here again, for a time there was some distance..
but when I let my mind roam, I find home, and I've got to say I missed it.
but still, I sit here, let it spill, thoughts about existence,
I know with persistence, a fight against resistance, would result in some assistance,
Would result in change, for all to see through the haze, I need my words shouted,
or am I just in a daze? ?
Nah, these days, i'm on my path and I won't be re-routed,
call me crazy, I wouldn't doubt it,
clear thoughts are rare, but today i'm not clouded,
life...I don't know too much about it,
but I know it can be a beautiful thing, if allow it.'s hard to put into words,
even harder into action, gotta gain my footing, gotta gain my traction,
gotta plan for the future, no looking back-in..the sands of time, just
pick up the pen and rhyme and wonder how I got here, and wonder how i'll get there, not wonder if life's fair all day, that'll just make all my hair
turn grey.

It's my instinction, to show distinction,
because if we don't link, we'll be on the brink of extinction!
I'm just here trying to nuture the soul, mind and body.
before i'm too old and crosswords are my hobby.
I'm just here, trying to steer clear of the lure of expenditures,
before i'm too old and a connoisuer of types of dentures.
I'm just here trying to cleanse myself, the bath meant to atone me,
extend my hand to all those who walk their path lonely,
I'm just here trying to do the right things,
no matter how enticing the thoughts the night brings,
we have to keep fighting,
because we have a soul to grow, a word to keep, mind body and being,
before we are all the same, a herd of sheep, and dying to be seen.
i'm just here to enjoy the little things, the finer things,
I look past the diamond rings,
then I froze,
to apprehend the stem,
put the rose to nose, because..
I suppose.. this could be me after I decompose.

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