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Breakfast, For One.

I dream of you, it's a pain to awaken.
I grab the eggs then I grab the bacon.
I grab a pot then I grab a pan.
Just to imagine, i'm grabbing your hand.

S(U) Mmer

The summer, hot, oozing with joy.
I long for the winter..
so it's normal to be a cold, lost, little boy.

Before I Go

(this is a little mo' hip hop, a little less 'poetry')

Sittin' here broken wristed, for once not twisted, so my thoughts have shifted,
drifted, far enough to realize that I am gifted, don't need to be high,

To My Next Lover,

To my next lover,

I do apologize,
but the next I love you I say, will only be empty words.

Letting Go..

Most of my poems rhyme,
I don't think this one will.
Most of my poems don't talk about the others,
but this isn't like the others.

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