Knots..have always been something I despise,
for they require my patience, my time.
But..when I first saw you, yes, at first glance,
my stomach went into knots at the thought of romance.

I long to kiss the tan on your skin,
and to connect the triangle of beauty marks..
right there on your chin.

I like to take you up, when you are down,
rub your puppy dog nose,
and fix your lips when they frown.

I love when you're around..because your scent fills up my air,
and I love looking at the ground to find the spilt pieces of your hair.

I search for the color brown, so I can be reminded of your eyes.
I like being awake while you sleep, to smile at all your sounds and your sighs.

I love you you grin, I love how you smile.
I like the way you wear your skin, you have such good style.

Sometimes I'll say something on purpose,
to get you excited or nervous..
juuuust to watch you play with your feet.

Remember laying in the hammock looking up in the stars?
And searching eachothers bodies, comparing our scars?

Remember laying outside your old house..drunk off vodka and Pink Floyd?
Above all the noise and above a pillow made of grass,
you asked me a question..
Why did my heart beat so fast?

I've always thought our hands would fit as perfect as a glvoe,
that thought was proven true the first time we made love.

You'll always be my escape, that someone in my head when it's not me.
My dreams of you, i'm afraid they will never stop..
all these years later..and my stomach's still in knots.