James Enoch Poems

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Breakfast, For One.

I dream of you, it's a pain to awaken.
I grab the eggs then I grab the bacon.
I grab a pot then I grab a pan.
Just to imagine, i'm grabbing your hand.

S(U) Mmer

The summer, hot, oozing with joy.
I long for the winter..
so it's normal to be a cold, lost, little boy.

Before I Go

(this is a little mo' hip hop, a little less 'poetry')

Sittin' here broken wristed, for once not twisted, so my thoughts have shifted,
drifted, far enough to realize that I am gifted, don't need to be high,

To My Next Lover,

To my next lover,

I do apologize,
but the next I love you I say, will only be empty words.

Letting Go..

Most of my poems rhyme,
I don't think this one will.
Most of my poems don't talk about the others,
but this isn't like the others.


Knots..have always been something I despise,
for they require my patience, my time.
But..when I first saw you, yes, at first glance,
my stomach went into knots at the thought of romance.


I sit in my room, full of dark, full of gloom.
If I don't lay with you soon, I'd rather lay in my tomb.

I sit under a tree, full of light, full of glee.


You can push her, you can shove her,
but don't expect anything of her.
For she is like no other,
not quite the perfect lover,

With You..

With you I am free,
With you I am safe,
Being with you, is my happy place.
With you I melt,

What She Can Do..

what she can do

she was there from the start, since I was minimal,
since it all sparked, until I reached my pinnacle,