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Beggar Man

Rating: 5.0

You were a gentle soul,
with a stained red plaid shirt,
hat speckled with bird poop,
in saggy-baggy pants that stopped
just above two heelless shoes that were
see-through to feet with no socks.

So many mornings
I walked by your corner,
putting money in your cup

if only to borrow a smile
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Sid John Gardner. 01 November 2006

Very explicit write about the forgotten individuals we see every day.I wrote one in similar vein about a guy called 'Joe' who lived in a park in the centre of Dublin.He was a gentleman. Regards Sid John x.

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Wintersweet Guo 20 October 2006

If you killed a beggar, you would just be like killing yourself.

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Not Long Left 20 October 2006

A Big hello to you too. What a nice suprise to see your name here hope all is well. As for the poem, it is grand, the reason being is you have used great description. In particular I very much liked the lines about the smiles..... and the opening lines that describe how he is dressed. The title also works well with the poem, as you describe at the end that you did not know his name it pulls the it alltogether and enables it to stand way above most poems of this type. once again nice to hear from you. best wishes Vincent

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