The Money Tree (Children) Poem by Cj Heck

Cj Heck

Cj Heck

Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida

The Money Tree (Children)

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I dreamed I grew a money tree
outside in my yard.
My job was to care for it
and I worked very hard.

I saw that it was watered.
It grew so straight and tall
and when the money ripened
I picked it in the fall.

The flowers were green dollar bills,
the seeds inside were coins,
and others grew and glittered
where all the branches joined.

On windy days I stood below
and held a great big bucket.
Other days I climbed right up
to find one ripe and pluck it.

People say that money
doesn't really grow on trees.
I know. I only wish it did
just like in my dreams.

The Money Tree  (Children)
Patricia Grantham 14 January 2016

Very nice and enjoyable read about a money tree. A wish that most of us have made at one time or another. Love it,

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Cj Heck 14 January 2016

Thank you, Patricia.

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Shannon Chapel 06 December 2005

Great imagery. Well done. S

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ktyujjh 02 September 2022


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andrew 23 October 2020

nice poem for losers

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Wyeth Tocco 16 December 2019

Could one use this poem in a video entered in a film competition?

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Cj Heck 17 December 2019

I would consider it an honor, Wyeth. I hope you win!

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Tara Rose 31 January 2017

Does this poem appear in any of your children's collections (Barking Spider) ?

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Kim Barney 31 January 2016

I must echo Patricia Grantham's sentiments. All of us have wished for a money tree at some time or another. We can keep on wishing, can't we?

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Cj Heck 31 January 2016

We sure can. Thank you for taking the time to read my poem, Kim.

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Cj Heck

Cj Heck

Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida
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