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CJ Heck is a published poet, writer, and the author of three children's books, a collection of short stories, and a book of adult poetry. She also writes three blogs:

Memoirs From Nam:
http: //memoirsfromnam.blogspot.com

Knowing Whispers:
http: //knowingwhispers.blogspot.com

CJ's Writer Thoughts:
http: //cjswriterthoughts.blogspot.com

CJ lives with her partner, Author Robert Cosmar, in The Villages, Florida. She has three married daughters, eleven grandchildren, and is also a Vietnam War widow.

For more information, interviews, book excerpts, or to invite CJ to your school or organization, please call 352-299-5634, or visit:

Barking Spiders Poetry - CJ Heck Books:
http: //www.barkingspiderspoetry.com

The Best Poem Of Cj Heck

A Poet For A Lover (Adult)

Give me a poet for a lover
whose words stroke me like velvet hands.
Word-tender caresses more reaching
than the caress of a mere mortal man.

A poet's light touch is so gentle.
Word-fingers probe deep every time,
arousing me, haunting me, wetting me,
seducing me, body and mind.

Oh Lord,
give me a poet for a lover.
Lust and fire burn in his heart.
A silver-tongued devil whose words make me ache
to be on my knees in the dark.

Word-foreplay making me want him,
only mind-loved, I want to be free
to feel just one time, my poet inside,
where only mind-lust up to now has loved me.

Cj Heck Comments

Adryan Barnathan 18 January 2006

CJ.......what a gift you have~ every word imparts a vivid image that fills the hearts and souls of your readers with a remembering...Yes, it's the littlest moments that you paint so well... and spell out with glowing simplicity. Thank You for being exempliary in your work......you inspire me to set a higher standard for my own poems! Hugs to You~ Adrienne

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kenneth william snow 14 March 2005

C.J., I really enjoy reading your poetry. I also greatly appreciate your kind comments on my poems, they are so much more meaningful coming from a talent like you. Thanks again, Kenneth

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Lare Austin 07 February 2005

Welcome back, C.J.... Lare Austin

5 3 Reply
Michael Tonkin 07 February 2005

A warm welcome back, I really thought you were gone for good. Michael.

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Terry Donovan 20 September 2004

Hi. I love your poetry (don't know how much that's got to do with the fact that you write in much the same style as I do!) ..'Dancing with Fairies' is great, quite simple and short, but fun to read and recite and very picturesque. Do you mind if I copy some of your poems on to a UK forum that I use? We don't go in for 'heavy' stuff, but enjoyable easy-reading (IDF50, poetry corner) . Please keep writing!

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Rohit meena 17 May 2018

Fantastic boss

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Efia Sixd 13 April 2016

great poems. every poem has a moral or a value which everyone should learn.... actually i have a question.. what is you full name? i mean, what does c j stand for in your name?

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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Hemangi Kamra 06 April 2014

dear mam c.j., your poems are awesome and like reading them. thankyou

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Chuck Audette 15 September 2009

CJ's poems spring forth in lively style, with wonderful imagination, heartfelt truth, and humor galore. Always worth the read! -chuck

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