A Box For Good Will Poem by Cj Heck

A Box For Good Will

Rating: 4.8

As a friend, I had come to help
yet one more time
and I watched as she set
the cardboard box on the floor.
It was labeled for Goodwill,
penned in large block letters.

From deep in the closet,
she brought out an old blue suit.
It had faded over the years,
but I saw in her eyes
the memories still had not.

Softly, she smoothed the sleeves
that dangled flat and empty.
Then she stroked the slack trousers
on the smooth wooden hanger.
Gently, she brushed
the dust from the collar and lapel,
and then I heard her sigh.
Her resolve had melted away.

Again we talked and remembered.
We spoke of long ago,
how the sleeves encircled her
in warm secure hugs,

and the trousers had covered
lean muscular legs,
legs slightly bowed,
legs that loved to dance,

and what she missed the most
-the heart that beat below
the lapel of the old blue suit,
the heart that beat with love for her.

For over thirty years,
the suit had stood sentinel,
loyally guarding both her
and those memories,
and I watched as she carefully
replaced the suit and closed
the closet door.

Through quiet tears
she asked once more
how all of that could ever fit
in a box for Goodwill.

Monday, June 21, 2004
Topic(s) of this poem: love and loss
Scarlett Treat 01 February 2006

Who doesn't have a 'Suit' hanging around somewhere? ? The tender loving touch that you portrayed just broke my heart, for there is someone I miss the same way. Beautifully sad and heart-breaking. Linda

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Linda Burns 08 January 2006

What a sad story. You tell it really well. Clear, haunting images.

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Louise Marie Delsanto 17 December 2005

This poem was very touching. I loved the way it flowed..beautiful...just so beautiful.

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Lyrael Myrna 09 December 2005

i think this applies to everything ive read so far... you have a beautiful way of writing that obviously can get in touch with people and provoke them to think about what you are saying... which is a very difficult skill to grasp. congratulations on the amazing work... (thanks for your comment too) Lyrael.

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Donna Nimmo 25 November 2005

A very sweet poem and I felt what you wrote. A very good poem. Donna

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Muhammad Imtiyaz 16 July 2015

remembering her lover with whom she was deeply in love...preserved the suit still as a mark of remembrance.Nicely written lines with deep feelings of love.

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Chinedu Dike 19 April 2015

Beautiful narrative love poem, well articulated and nicely penned with insight. A lovely piece indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Susan Lacovara 28 December 2013

I have my father's black fedora, a treasured reminder of how he was always such a dapper man, in the eyes of his daughter....I wear it from time to time, sometimes at the funerals of his friends...just to honor the old school way of times long gone...your poem reminded me of that....funny what stirs the senses, thought to be stilled. PEACE

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Patricia Grantham 25 September 2013

Such a tenderly written poem of love and memories. Clothes do remind us sometimes of a love that was lost. We take them out the closet and put them back sometimes. Hard to part with memories. You did. An inspiring write!

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Martin Swords 05 August 2009

C. J. ...... It's good to talk. It's good to remember. And it's good to write it down. Thank you for a moving memory. Martin

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