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Behind The Pretty Horizon Of Our Life

There is an inevitable victory is coming To all of us anytime, All ugly things will fall like huge avalanches To clear the road for all people left their homes By different ways to come back their homes happily, These stumbling-blocks will be removed As soon as possible, People's pretty freedoms will be restored sooner or later Anywhere and everywhere, These ugly tyrannies inevitably will fall fast to make pretty Ways to love and to a good life, All demolished houses here and there will be built again To have new homes for those who left their homes long time ago, It's not a dream to see everything comes true in front of us and As a result, life will be different with a new color and a new taste Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, Behind this pretty horizon there is a new and a special day To restore people's great rights and their honorable dignity, A new horizon that starts with a pretty tomorrow will bring Great victories to humanity against all evil powers, then That coming horizon will be a new era in the humanity's turning-point Towards a lovely life full of happiness and pleasure.

Monday, July 7, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life