Behind The Veil Poem by Garret Raja

Behind The Veil

In a world of masks, where pretense prevails,
I stumbled upon a truth that seldom unveils.
A glimpse into the veiled charade of kin,
A revelation that pierced the core within.

My Cousin, an embodiment of grace,
Her façade, a portrait no one could erase.
But behind those eyes, a pretense so sly,
A secret masquerade, hidden in her lie.

A mirror shattered, illusions stripped away,
I saw the masks we wear, day after day.
Fear of pretense had held me in its grip,
The prickles of conscience, on lies, would skip.

But now I stand enlightened, the truth in sight,
The revelation of pretense, a guiding light.
For I've come to realize, we're all actors on stage,
Performing our roles, with varying gauge.

The righteous ones, they too play a part,
Their acts and gestures, a work of fine art.
No longer shall I fear the path of deceit,
But I'll be accountable for each act I meet.

For it's not the act itself that bears the weight,
But the intention behind, in life's intricate slate.
To be responsible, for the choices we make,
To navigate the labyrinth, true to our stake.

So I'll join the theater of life, unafraid,
Embracing the masks, in which we're all arrayed.
But with a newfound wisdom, a guiding creed,
To be true to myself, in every word and deed.

Let the world pretend, let them dance and sway,
I'll choose my steps, with integrity's display.
For in the realm of pretense, I'll play my part,
With responsibility and conscience, a work of art.

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