Garret Raja Poems

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Song Of An Indolent Boy

Helios sends his light beams to wake me up..
it penetrates the window to touch my face...
heavenly light that blighted my sleep..
Shimmer of it does not go off from my eyes..

The Less Travelled Road

Amidst the tumultuous strife of life,
I struggled to choose between two ways,
To accept the absurd and find some peace,
Or to embrace freedom and face the fray.

The New Reality

A year ago, I knew no hate,
Nor felt the sting of envious fate,
My heart was pure, my mind at ease,
No thoughts of malice, no thoughts of disease.

A Lady Of Jealousy And Spite

There is a lady, with fiery rage,
Whose temper flares with every page,
Jealous of those who dare to shine,
Above her in this college line.

Yes, I Do Pray

Yes, I do pray when I see
The pain and suffering that others carry
The downtrodden and oppressed, their agony
My heart aches and my soul feels weary

A Chore

I lay here, waiting, yet again
For the time when we must begin
Another round of the same old game
Of making love, yet feeling no flame

The Great Doctor, The Healer Of Our Souls

My womb feels heavy, burdened with pain
As I walk, I feel it ache again and again
I've been trying for a baby for three long years
But nothing's happening, despite the tears

Behind The Veil

In a world of masks, where pretense prevails,
I stumbled upon a truth that seldom unveils.
A glimpse into the veiled charade of kin,
A revelation that pierced the core within.

Boomerang Love

In love's wild game, we often stray,
Like boomerangs that fly away.
Yet no matter how far we roam,
We find ourselves back where we belong.

Wonderful God

In the circle of existence, divine and true,
Nature weaves its tapestry, its intricate hue.
Interconnected, species intertwine,
Dependent upon each other, in harmony divine.

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