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Helios sends his light beams to wake me up..
it penetrates the window to touch my face...
heavenly light that blighted my sleep..
Shimmer of it does not go off from my eyes..

Amidst the tumultuous strife of life,
I struggled to choose between two ways,
To accept the absurd and find some peace,
Or to embrace freedom and face the fray.

A year ago, I knew no hate,
Nor felt the sting of envious fate,
My heart was pure, my mind at ease,
No thoughts of malice, no thoughts of disease.

There is a lady, with fiery rage,
Whose temper flares with every page,
Jealous of those who dare to shine,
Above her in this college line.

Yes, I do pray when I see
The pain and suffering that others carry
The downtrodden and oppressed, their agony
My heart aches and my soul feels weary

I lay here, waiting, yet again
For the time when we must begin
Another round of the same old game
Of making love, yet feeling no flame

My womb feels heavy, burdened with pain
As I walk, I feel it ache again and again
I've been trying for a baby for three long years
But nothing's happening, despite the tears

In a world of masks, where pretense prevails,
I stumbled upon a truth that seldom unveils.
A glimpse into the veiled charade of kin,
A revelation that pierced the core within.

In love's wild game, we often stray,
Like boomerangs that fly away.
Yet no matter how far we roam,
We find ourselves back where we belong.

In the circle of existence, divine and true,
Nature weaves its tapestry, its intricate hue.
Interconnected, species intertwine,
Dependent upon each other, in harmony divine.

In the depths of my longing, my heart does ache,
A whispered yearning, a dream I cannot shake.
A PCOD patient, trapped in this strife,
Longing for a baby, the precious gift of life.

In a world of love and places we reside,
Let's compare wives to homes, and girlfriends to Oyo's stride.
People often don't appreciate the home they've known,
But find joy in every Oyo room they've flown.

Life, a game we're thrust into, forced to partake,
No choice in our arrival, no way to escape.
The clock ticks differently for each soul on this earth,
No one knows when time runs out, our fate's unknown from birth.

In hues untold, a tale unfolds,
When they spoke of colors, I was told,
'Your life will bloom, a vibrant sight,
With a baby's presence, all feels right.'

Once upon a time, in a bustling town,
A man of noble spirit, yet fortune had frowned.
His heart, mighty and noble, sought respect,
But his attire belied the honor he'd expect.

Once upon my childhood's time,
Boredom struck, a feeling sublime.
I loved sweets with all my might,
But soon enough, they lost their light.

In tales of old, a story unfolds,
Of love entwined with secrets untold.
In the court of Othello, a warning was heard,
Brabantio's plea, a cautionary word.

In the quiet of the night, our darkest love takes its flight,
A love like vampires, hidden from good daylight.
My husband, my dear, he's a creature of the dark,
His love awakens with the moon's sparkling arc.

In a bustling city, there lived a girl so kind,
Every day, she walked, leaving the bus behind,
With determination and a heart so true,
She saved every penny for someone she knew.

In a love story, tough and stern he seemed,
His words often sharp, his demeanor extreme,
But deep inside, a love silently grew,
A jackfruit love, with sweetness shining through.

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Song Of An Indolent Boy

Helios sends his light beams to wake me up..
it penetrates the window to touch my face...
heavenly light that blighted my sleep..
Shimmer of it does not go off from my eyes..
you penetrate my eyelids even before i open my eyes...
who put the lights on? angrily i ask with out opening eyes..
no baby I didn't, a sound from next room..
it was so bright... oh..eye of heaven..
Dear Apollo! pls put off your majestic light.. i wanna sleep..
hands searching mobile phone. that i forgot to put in charge..
bright light like the face of moses returning from sinai...
i can't open my eyes...
Pheobus says.. get up.. morpheous says get on..
I'm in a dilemma.. to up or not to up..?
hey.. sol, you spoiled my good dream..
go and come after 15 minutes..
I command you to keep ur beams with u... don't touch my lovely face...
oh poor window, how fragile you are before the rays of sunne..
again called... oh dad... who put the lights on? ?
no sound! hush.. the light has already spread- All over my room..
when did you get up my friend... to come to wake me up?
I finally resolve to get up.. and face the day with new courage.. 😉

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