Wonderful God Poem by Garret Raja

Wonderful God

In the circle of existence, divine and true,
Nature weaves its tapestry, its intricate hue.
Interconnected, species intertwine,
Dependent upon each other, in harmony divine.

For nothing is created, nor destroyed in this sphere,
Creation but recreation, in forms crystal clear.
From a single material, the universe did arise,
Matter's transformation, a cosmic surprise.

Energy, the essence that sparked life's flame,
Materialized, morphed, a divine game.
Variations emerged, a symphony of form,
From that primal source, existence was born.

Like a single white light, through a prism it beams,
A kaleidoscope of colors, a painter's dream.
So too, the divine, in every living soul,
One divine essence, in us it takes its role.

Music echoes the truth, in its melodic flow,
One sound, diverse tones, in rhythm's show.
From that origin divine, melodies arise,
Posthuman thoughts soar, in celestial skies.

For in the beginning, one divine did reside,
And from that unity, life's dance did stride.
The circle completes, birth and death entwined,
Shapes change, spirits evolve, in the grand design.

Embrace the truth, let it guide your way,
That all is interconnected, day after day.
For within nature's realm, divine does shine,
And in the posthuman age, a oneness we find.

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