Being Chased

The dog chased the cat up the tree
The dog chased the cat to the sea,
He chased and chased the cat everywhere
He even chased the cat, here and there.
Then one day the dog got tired of chasing the cat
The cat then thought now that it would get fat,
Unto the cat the dog said I will chase you no more
I never catch you, so why should I chase you for.
Then unto the dog the cat it pleaded
Being chased by the dog it was emotionally needed,
Please, I am a cat you are a dog, I must be chased
If you don't I won't feel wanted, I'll be disgraced.
The dog said to the cat, "Get another dog to chase you"
With this humiliation and losing effect, I am tired and through,
People must think that I am not much of a watchdog
Maybe I'll go and chase another cat, or even a frog.
The dog said it wouldn't chase the cat ever again
It would rather stay locked up in its pin,
The man then looked upon the dog and cat and thought
Woman too, wants to be chased and not caught.

Randy L. McClave

Monday, December 31, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love,man,woman