Belief? Poem by Paul Buttigieg


Facing God or the Devil

It's one or the other I keep hearing
It's God or the Devil
Truth being I'm not close with either
Nor am I knowledgeable of Heaven or Hell
Sad really I may have to die to understand
What's really out there?
Can I still play golf with people that part the water?
Some guy that walks on water
I am guessing zilch and backing my theory
That Heaven and Hell are on earth
You suffer good and bad whilst alive
You suffer nought when dead
Dead surely is the longest sleep you'll ever have
For those beautiful people who suffered the big C
The horrible earth diseases that cripple
The wars that maim and create destruction
Why does God not stop these things?
Never known the Devil to cause a war on earth
Why all the religious wars creating hatred
What is the fascination with these two?
Why do we keep thinking we may meet them after we pass?
You see I've had the discussion
With Uncle Charlie and Nerine
When we agreed to make contact if we passed
Uncle Charlie and Nerine have gone sadly
Whilst I still wait for that signal from some mysterious sign
Whilst I still try so hard to believe
That God and His heaven compete hard to save us from Hell
But after so many beers one can't help but think
The chance of Seventy two virgins on offer from that other mob
Now that's a lot of bangs if you get passed the first one

Copyright Paolo2022-07-29

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