A Declaration To You And To Hope! Poem by David Knox

A Declaration To You And To Hope!

one look over the edge
closer then i thought! i feel like im in a wedge
of darkness no turning back now
one question comes to mind then how!
can i avoid this edge so imminent! so close
so close to numbness comatose
and other things so close to me
what choice do i have besides jump willingly
look all around and find
someone who is kind
a friend to hold on to
someone like who.....
i must learn to trust... to listen
let their voice be my eyes as i lift them up
find the meaning and no longer be a pup
or scared let us stand here
to face this without a tear
there now turn around to the left
keep going i may be blind but not deaf!
im not beyond help never there is still light
good and right
no shame asking for help
no shame in having to yelp
and pray frantically trapped in the dark
im not that smart
but my friend is find the double meaning and use!
it this is a declaration

Aine Ní Leidhin 23 October 2007

Very deep words reflecting the mood of..........but the mystry of trust is that of a non -Phenomenon Felt, but can't be 'learned'. Very nice poem

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