Beneath Failures Veil I Rise Poem by Karpop Riba

Beneath Failures Veil I Rise

In the shadows of failure I once found myself
Aching with frustration, questioning my inner wealth.
But within those depths a fire did ignite;
A burning determination to rise and take flight.

I stood up amidst the wreckage, dusting off the debris,
Unfurling my spirit like a ship on the open sea.
For failure is not the end, but a temporary detour,
A chance to strengthen my resolve, my dreams to secure.

With a warrior's spirit and a heart that won't quit,
I set out on a journey, fueled by sheer grit.
Beneath the weight of doubt, I found my hidden might,
Shattered illusions replaced with a steadfast light.

I refuse to be defined by the mistakes I've made,
For every fall has helped me grow, my soul never betrayed.
Each stumble, each stumble became a stepping stone,
Guiding me closer to the greatness that's my own.

In the realm of setbacks, I sculpted resilience,
Molding my character with relentless persistence.
With unwavering faith and unyielding belief,
I forge my path forward, regardless of the grief.

I embrace the challenges as opportunities in disguise,
For within each trial, a profound lesson lies.
I'll rise again, undeterred by the odds,
A phoenix reborn from the ashes, against all odds.

So watch me now as I soar and ascend,
Defying the skeptics, refusing to bend.
For in the face of failure, I find my resolve,
And with each battle fought, my spirit evolves.

I failed once, but I will try again,
With a resilience that nothing can contain.
For I am a force, relentless and true,
A testament to the power that resides within you.

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