Beware Of Love's Alluring Call ~ Poem by Karpop Riba

Beware Of Love's Alluring Call ~

O, Love, thou art a mercurial thing
A force upon which many cling
Thy promise of eternal bliss...
Can oftentimes spark much abyss.

Alas! in love, there exists no guarantee,
It is not a panacea for all to see,
It can leave our spirits grievously torn;
A wound that aches, foreverborn.

The thrill of chase doth quickly fade..
Exposing flaws which suddenly pervade
What once we romanticized..
Is now revealed in different guise.

It can be a cage.. a suffocating woe,
A trap.. in which our hearts are forced to grow
Even the noblest of intentions..
Can cause our spirits undue tensions.

For love, it is not always meant to last
The beauty which at first seemed so vast
Can fade to nothingness.. in the daily grind
What once we thought was love, we're left behind.

Thus, beware dear soul..of Love's alluring call..
It's not the answer, for one and all
It's a journey.. not a destination
And oftentimes it begets great tribulation.

For Love, dear Love... it's not always true
And those it leaves heartbroken are but a few
Tread thy path cautiously.. if thou so dare,
And walk lightly.. for Love ain't always fair.

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