Beneath The Waves - Seychelles Islands Poem by Terry Brewer

Beneath The Waves - Seychelles Islands

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Beneath the surface of the blue, blue sea
Is a place I love to be,
Shall I bring lobster home for tea?

In the quiet beauty of the deep,
In that serenity, a ray, sand covered – is he asleep?
No, ever watchful, he wakes, shakes, departs

A hawksbill turtle, gliding by on flippered wings
Ever hunted to make those tourist things.
The beauty of his polished shell his death knell rings

Now the delicate coral garden reveals
Vibrant fish, gentle anenomes, horried eels,
And the beauty of slow cowrie shells

A giant grouper, stationary, guards his lair
Do I retreat, go up for air?
Or approach with caution and return his stare

A shark comes slowly into view,
Sleek, grey, yet fast and deadly - what shall I do?
If he is hungry - I’ll be his luncheon barbecue

Mary Nagy 08 May 2006

What a great poem! I love the line about being shark bait....that's how it would seem to me. Great images you've painted here. Wonderful work. Sincerely, Mary

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Con Nie 07 May 2006

Wow, amazing! Felt like I was on the journey in this one. That last verse was scary though. Good poem. Sincerely, Connie Webb

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R H 06 May 2006

A lovely visual write Terry, the view beneath the waves eloquently captured. Kind regards, Justine.

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Goldy Locks 06 May 2006

ahh i love snorkling & sea diving! you captured it most vividly. Sus.

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Terry Brewer

Terry Brewer

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