Nenia Arnaiz Dulom

Best Moments In My Life - Poem by Nenia Arnaiz Dulom

Awakening in reality that I am a growing child,
Recognizing the faces behind the voices I’ve heard,
Knowing to walk and to grab anything near my side,
Walking without a hand to hold and to guide,
Playing with tot, my first known pal,
Smiling even without some teeth to charm,
And laughing to every peculiar thing or funny sight.

Hearing different sounds, tone, beat and rhyme,
Enjoying a ride around places with mom,
Going to sleep with tender kisses on forehead and cheek,
Pampering with cologne and powder after a long bath
With my favorite duck and other toys in a tub,
Then getting in a dress so perfect and fit to strut,
To doll up like princess, an angel, or a pixie so bright.

Getting to school with other enthusiastic moppets,
Getting a higher score than what I’ve expected,
Calling my name to answer in a class discussion,
Catching somebody’s eyes glued at me with fascination,
Wooing by someone I find interesting and handsome,
And finally receiving a surprising call I’ve been waiting to hear.

Realizing the beauty of nature and beyond,
The sunrise and sunset, the moon and the stars at night,
The green colored plantation of trees, grasses and crops,
The flora and fauna and other wonderful living things around,
The sound and taste of rain in seasonal down pouring,
Revealing what my eyes can’t see, but my heart can feel.

The bright eyes of my classmates and my playmates echoing voices,
My family’s laughter at simple but heartwarming dinner,
The engrossing talks in-between the munching and swallowing of food,
Funny jokes, heart-to-heart talks, and family reports,
Or just exchanging of individual ideas and views,
Can make up for missing hours of temporary separation,
In favor of work and other activities to perform.

My friends’ chuckling at the sight of their boyfriends,
Or to hear my own gigging spell inside my pounding heart,
Presenting to the world the I, me and myself,
Wearing not only my confident smile and my chin up high,
But my lovely pink gown and my first stiletto shoes,
All these are but happy moments to hard to forget.

My first shopping experience from my own salary,
My first buying spree for trendy clothes and shoes,
A first time to eat out or to see a movie,
Splurging my income to indulgence than need,
Knowing what shopping means from shopaholic perspective,
But to me is to enjoy what toil means that is equal to pay,
And of course, sharing a bit to mom for our household needs.

Falling in love, feeling hurt, and hating the love phase,
Pinching my heart, wringing my eyes, and choking myself to death,
Feeling jealous, suspicious, disgusted and dismayed,
Singing my favorite song, dancing in a shower, tapping my finger everywhere,
Smiling alone in front of a mirror, gyrating around
Lip singing to a sentimental music on a radio playing aloud,
All but sweet signs of being in love and outrageously romantic.

Walking on the aisle, smiling bright and wide,
Seeing love in the eyes of my spouse,
Praying together, vowing to the matrimonial rites,
Holding hands while watching the beautiful sunset,
Anticipating the first child after kisses and hugs,
Loving and wondering what tomorrow will grant,
When an additional one will be there between us.

A first born child cry and opening of the eyes,
Set of little fingers, two cute small feet,
And body so fragile, so tiny, and so soft,
Adjusting my time to attend to midnight rush and task,
Of changing diapers, feeding, and singing lullaby,
The dawning of motherhood has finally arrived,

A first birthday to celebrate with ice cream and cake,
Entering a school is too hard to cope with,
Preparing for work, for school, and all chores,
Now I know how tough my mom’s daily jobs,
Parenting and house managing are indeed strenuous,
Good thing there is this family bonding and fun time to rejoice.

Smiling at people who pass by, or queuing on a long line up at counter,
Doing shopping together, buying fresh veggies, meats, and fruits,
Playfully rolling the cart around, hopping from stall to stall,
Picking out familiar items, returning my baby’s choice,
Holding hands, walking together, and leisurely roaming around,
Supermarket time is but a happy moment to all.

Hugging my mom and dad, or affectionately petting our family dog,
Singing in the rain with my child, running around on the yard,
Or smooching under the night sky sprinkled with stars with my love,
Laughing out loud with neighbors or friends until tears unknowingly flow,
Feeling recuperated from the hot soup that my husband had cooked,
Regaining confidence because of the outpouring of care and support,
Receiving and giving gifts in every occasion or no reason at all.

Finding bliss and meaning in every little or ordinary thing,
Significance in every chance, opportunity, incident or occurrence,
Or just a bit of circumstance, insight and realization,
Spiritual awakening, character building, and personality development,
Every happening that add up to knowledge and experience,
Including the realization of death when living must end,
Is but a best moment in my life and my existence.

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