Beware The Friendly Stranger Poem by Tater Crater

Beware The Friendly Stranger

Rating: 4.0

Beware the friendly stranger
Who calls upon the night
To find the lonely traveller
Lost in his own delight
He'll seduce you with this treasures
Strange and wild and rare
He'll make you like himself
A man familiar with despair
You will join in his crusade
You will roam the world wide
No place will be your home
In your mind he will reside
Once you join his legions lost
There's no letting go
When his hand has clenched your heart
He is all that you will know
And you will do his bidding
Just as thousands have before.
Only when you welcome darkness
And despair becomes your friend
Then his twisted fire dies and all comes to an end
He has sucked all life from you
Yet you cannot die
He has killed your passion
But your soul lives on inside
So you remain a shadow
A scab upon the earth
Your will to live determined
By your need to find some worth
So you lurk in shadows
Brought on by the night
For other weary travellers whose eyes with hope shine bright
Coveting their innocence
And a youthful wonder
A well placed mask and newfound charm
Quickly bring them under
But as you look into those eyes
So full of trust and life
You see reflected stars that pierce your heart like ice
And what's left of you inside that shell
Is pulling, pulling back
But desire drives you forward and you cannot turn your back
They are everything you want to be
Not just flesh and bones
But to love, to think, to feel
Anything but faith alone to tell you this is real.

So here's the warning I now give, the moral of my story:
If ever alone and free of fear, maybe far away from danger
Heed my advice my trusting friend,
Beware the Friendly Stranger

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