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Between The Covers

Rating: 4.8

Gentle man, you hold me
like a treasured book
as if memorizing every line.

In your hands,
I feel new meaning
breathed into my pages.

Seductive bookworm,
no one has ever read me

quite like you,
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Michael Shepherd 18 February 2005

Glorious. More touching in its ingenuity - and that's rare. Rusty puts it perfectly. I only just read Wallace Stevens' poem 'Modern Poetry' on his archive on this site last night - 'The search for what will suffice'...

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Allan James Saywell 17 February 2005

yes it is a mind game, played as a book, you might find a man who will bang you like a book one day very well done heck i like the way you do things, was it a impulse or did you have to work on it, the poem let me know heck Warm regards AJS

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Rusty Daily 17 February 2005

I think what I like most about your sensual poems is, they are written in such a way the reader can interpret their own degree of sensuality into the poem. The metaphor you use is unusually delightful if one is a writer. I would say more but would just be gushing. Looking forward to many more of your delightful pages. SPM

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Lare Austin 17 February 2005

Very sensual...gently done...well done...good one, C.J..... Lare Austin

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