Angel In My Pocket (Children) Poem by Cj Heck

Angel In My Pocket (Children)

Rating: 4.8

There's an angel in my pocket
who is watching over me,
just a little voice down deep inside
that I can hear, not see.

I wish that I could let her out
so that everyone could see
'cause we have the greatest secrets,
many things she shares with me.

She whispers little things to do
to make my parents glad
and tells me when there's something
that I want to do that's bad.

Oh I wish that I could see her
not just hear her talk to me...
it's just a little voice down deep inside
that I can hear, not see.

Anna Russell 21 February 2006

Lovely. I have copied this for my five year old - she will love it, so did I. For the kid in all of us. Thankyou also for your lovely comments. Hugs Anna xxx

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David Darbyshire 16 November 2005

heh CJ, I have two angels in my pockets one in each, , I suppose one good one bad LOl's Love ya dave xxxx

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Uriah Hamilton 15 November 2005

My angel has a more naughty streak!

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Syd Monaghan 29 April 2020

Everyone will have their own versions of anything. My version is simple. I lost my sister 33 years ago. She is my angel in my pocket.

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isaiah kiplangat 05 July 2018

so so interesting.

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Titto Mutunguti 12 November 2015

The little angel..such a sweet thing

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Bharati Nayak 06 November 2015

That little angel who speaks inside you is taking shape in your beautiful poetry.I have penned a poem on similar theme- - - -Shall I Wait till I understand Pablo Neruda.Will you please take out your time to read it and give your comments?

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Adrija Dey 09 June 2006

Loved it.................the angel it my pocket asked me to write this............keep up the good job

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