Jason Summers

Rookie - 66 Points (1975- / Medford, OR)

Beyond Nine Months - Poem by Jason Summers

The emotions become intense and passion fills their eyes
It only takes once for the sparks to fly.
Cells divide and form within
This is where my life begins...

I see a flash of light and feel pressure on me
I hear the mumbled words, 'and this is your baby.'
She started to cry and began to feel ill
'I thought we were safe, I was taking 'the pill.''
The emotions stayed throughout the entire day,
I tossed and turned, I even tried kicking it away.
When we got to her boyfriend's she spoke somewhat glum,
'I hope he understands I've wanted him to be the one.'
He said, 'so, tell me the news.'
I sure didn't want to be in her shoes.
I felt the fear well up from inside
I pushed on the hands that rest on my side.
'What do you mean you're pregnant, how could this be?
Forget you I'm leaving, for cheating on me! '
A slam of the door and she was left all alone
She slumped to the floor with a disturbing moan.
The soft words spoke, 'well, it's just you and me,
And to think, I still wanted to be a teen.'
I could never forget the way she felt that day
She was hurt and confused, not to mention betrayed.
After all that, she became hardened, bitter, and tough.
Realizing what she wanted and needed, one job wasn't good enough.
Beyond nine months she became an adult from a child,
From that moment on her thoughts and feelings ran wild.
She realized how our lives were going to be,
That I was a part of her and she was a part of me.
She often danced and sang to me though I was yet to be born
And at night she told me stories that would last the early 'morn.
She worked day in and day out to afford her own home
There was no one to help, so she made it on her own.
She enjoyed her struggle, it kind of excited her in a way
Because no one could control her and she was careful about mistakes.

On the night I was ready she fell with her broom
And we were quickly rushed to the emergency room.
Her water had broke and she was dilating
I heard the doctor say, 'hurry, the baby is breaching.'
She began to push and the doctor was rushed.
'Wait, wait, before the cord is crushed.'
I came out feet first hanging by a thread
'Oh my God, he's blue, nurse help me before he's dead.'
My coughing turned to gasping as I choked for air.
The cord still wrapped around my throat and the doctor unaware.
All the sounds became muted in all the commotion
Everything I saw started moving in slow-motion.
I barely heard my mother say, 'please, somebody help him.'
My eyes began to flicker and slowly the lights went dim...

...I woke up to a soft light, is this my life God has given?
I lay in a fluffy white blanket with my mother, this truly is Heaven.


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