George Hunter

Billy The Kid - Poem by George Hunter

Billy the Kid, Billy the Kid
A real bad guy ‘cause of the things he did.
Shot his first man when only seven
Could of waited until he was eleven.
But his Pa tried to feed him a bowl of pap
But Billy said, I can't eat that crap!
Picked up a pistol offa the sink
And shot his Pa ‘fore he could even blink.
So they kicked him out before his time
And he started early on his life of crime.
One day when he was about nine or ten,
He strolled into a saloon, and then
Went up to the bar as cool as you please
And ordered a shot and a beer and a hunk of cheese.
Barkeep said, It's my intent
To make you show some kind if I.Dent.
We can't serve minors here
‘Cause I don't want to lose my license for beer.
Billy pulled a sixgun from his underwear
And shot that fool as he stood there.
Bill just waited and watched him bleed
Saying, This pistol is the only I.D. I need.
He grabbed up a bottle and drank it down
Then went out and shot up the whole damn town.
Got a gang together and started the battle
Robbin' banks and rustlin' cattle.
Stickin' up coaches and U.P. Mail trains
You'd think that he had shit for brains.
Then he went on a killin' spree
Shot most anyone that he could see.
Before he was even twenty-one
Had a dozen notches on his gun.
They got a posse up on his trail
Vowed this time that they would not fail.
Got him holed up in an old shed
Said, We're gonna get you alive or dead.
With his last words he was heard to shout
To hell with you bastards, I'm comin' out!
Billy came out with two guns a'blazin'
The courage he showed was truly amazin'
But he went down in a hail of lead
And all gave thanks that he was dead.
Billy the Kid, Billy the Kid
A real bad guy ‘cause of the things he did.
Guess you'll not go to heaven, maybe hell
At any rate I wish you well.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

These 'facts' may not be historically correct.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 7, 2013

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