Birthday Of Sugar Poem by S.D. TIWARI

Birthday Of Sugar

Coming holiday is my birthday
Friends! I invite you all to celebrate.
Candy, squashes and other friends,
lolly pop, ice cream and chocolate.
Do join on this auspicious occasion,
we will have this best celebration.

My boy friend, the cake will arrive
dressed in the costumes of prince.
You know once he hugged me
I'm permanently sweetened, since.
You will have chance of free kiss
to my boy friend and also to me.

Please do keep the time because
I have to attend some serious patients,
They do not swallow the bitter pills
I have to be there for the sugar coats.

Special invitations to dear ants,
eat wishful, no need to roam for hunt.
Yes, sweet potato, fruits and dates
not invited because they are diabetic.

Time is very important for me
as so much work I have to finish.
Many people's feast is incomplete
without my prepared sweet dish.
My dear children's love chocolate
and ice cream too I have to create.

Bakery men! and confectioners!
I know I am your sweetest lady.
But I won't be available for you,
please keep totally off that day;
and one more thing I would say,
for me the best wishes, you convey.

(C) S.D. Tiwari

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