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I was born in a mediocre farmer family of Ghazipur Distt., U.P. India. After my primary education, I had to shift to Delhi for higher education. After graduated from Delhi University, there I also acquired P.G. Degree in Commerce and Degree at Law. I got employed in a Govt. of India Enterprise at middle management level. In fact I was a 'born poet' ...


माँ गंगा Maan Ganga (Hindi)

माँ गंगा

धोती धोती तन धोती माँ
धोती धोती मन धोती माँ

Power Of Corruption

In the corrupt countries, like mine
positioned officials trade on rules,
Sell convenience, earn bad money
abuse positions, make system fool.

Flowers Stay With Me

Haiku - Alcohol

Unity Is Strength

There’s a proverb
'United we stand divided we fall'
Ten’s sticks together unbreakable
Can be broken easily if given to all.

S.D. TIWARI Quotes

08 April 2016

What's the beauty of life; is the darkness of tomorrow.

11 May 2016

बड़ों का फर्ज प्यार और सुरक्षा छोटों का कर्ज

07 November 2016

चलो क्यों न जिंदगी की कुछ गति घटा लें, यूँ हम थोड़े लंबे समय तक चल लेंगे। - एस० डी० तिवारी Why don't we reduce speed of life, by this we can walk for bit more of time. S. D. Tiwari

25 January 2017

हमें देखना आग नहीं देखती क्या है जलाना fire doesn't see what is to be toasted that we have to see

23 February 2017

Though unscientific, English is a language of science.

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jonny joe 06 December 2019

retarded poem fhf hfjh fjdjf jjm jfjfj j fjfj j jedf j j j

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Gajanand 27 November 2017

Very nice

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Dr John Celes 05 July 2015

bahut acchi kavithayein pyare shabd se likthe aap. shukriya

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