माँ गंगा

धोती धोती तन धोती माँ
धोती धोती मन धोती माँ

There’s a proverb
'United we stand divided we fall'
Ten’s sticks together unbreakable
Can be broken easily if given to all.

In the corrupt countries, like mine
positioned officials trade on rules,
Sell convenience, earn bad money
abuse positions, make system fool.

Through the pipe and the wire
flows water and electricity, to my house.
Ideas of the people flow to me wireless,
just on click of the mouse.

At the great barrier reef,
the awesome nature is camped.
Has put the beauty, on its duty;
to the land, heaven is clamped.

Who made hell
God has made the earth an other heaven
Beautiful land, mountain, rivers and ocean
Wonderful creatures, plants, birds, animals,

न तो वह नेता था
न फिल्मों का नायक,
न कोई बड़ा खिलाडी
न ही कोई गायक।

सहज खींच लेती अपनी ओर
नन्हे एक बालक की मुस्कान।
अमृत सी लगाती बोली उसकी
तुतलाती जब घुसती कान।

If I get a chance to bargain
Will ask the Almighty again;
‘O God! If thy really could
Give me back my childhood.

the season is changed
ends terror of shivering
comes on land, grand spring

वीणा वादिनी, पद्मासिनी
उर तिमिर हर
ज्ञान रश्मि भर
जगमग पथ कर

हाइकू ५६

नागफनी पे
फूल खिले काँटों में

Godavari, southern Ganges of India, could get love of her's,
very closed where she's born, less than hundred kilometers.
But she wanted to look for a hero, conceited of her beauty.
As she could get no matching alliance in her nearby vicinity.

Teacher is the ladder,
to reach unto the goals of life.
He builds the path where we walk;
and there, success thrives.

Farmer is happy, having grown this year, more crops.
Forests and frogs are happy having more rain drops.
Rich is happy having got much more money to spend.
The employee is happy, if he gets extra increment.

Her parents and the society pressed,
Under the situation she was depressed;
Fate of the future, she didn't know,
Yet she had no courage to say ‘no'.

Christmas carol

Let the season flow
the sweetness of love,

जन्म लेते ही, बेवकूफियों का बोझ उठा लेता है।
उन्हीं की बदौलत इंसान गलतियां बुला लेता है।

अक्ल के साथ खुदा ने, इसे बेवकूफियां भी बख्शीं

S.D. TIWARI Biography

I was born in a mediocre farmer family of Ghazipur Distt., U.P. India. After my primary education, I had to shift to Delhi for higher education. After graduated from Delhi University, there I also acquired P.G. Degree in Commerce and Degree at Law. I got employed in a Govt. of India Enterprise at middle management level. In fact I was a 'born poet' but in the beginning, I had to keep the poetic talent aside, so as to have job oriented education. Lived my childhood in a village thus I was very closed to nature. I loved the sparrows, parrots and other birds, liked to watch raining, green fields, orchards, running calves and lambs, plucking fruits, playing in streets etc. I am also fond of travelling and visiting new places. Poemhunter played a great role in developing my poetic talent. My two English poetry books 'The Singing Breeze' and 'Birds of Chanting Words' have been published by Notion Press. My twenty books written in Hindi language were released together on 4th November,2018 and my this unique work is registered in 'India Book of Records'. My published Hindi books are: Dilli ke Jharokhe, Duniya Gir Gayee, Gungunati Hawa, Kavita to Bolegi, Pyaar ka Pinjara, Kya Sakhi Saajan, Chaand ke Gaanv, Geet Gunjan, Muhabbat ke Moti, Nanhin, Bolate Moti, Haiku Shastra, Tere Naam ke Moti, Motiyan ki Ladi, Ashik Ali ki Holi, Inaki Unaki, Base Videsh, Videsh ki Chatani, Paanch Daane Moti, Haiku Ramayan, Ram ka Vakeel Few more books are under publication. Other than chalices on A.P., I have been honoured by various Certificates of Honour by different Institutions. This is yet beginning of my poetry-journey. All the poems posted on Poemhunter are my copy right. S. D. Tiwari)

The Best Poem Of S.D. TIWARI

माँ गंगा Maan Ganga (Hindi)

माँ गंगा

धोती धोती तन धोती माँ
धोती धोती मन धोती माँ
तन मन धोती जन जन धोती माँ
कण कण धोती जीवन धोती माँ

संताप तू धोती, पाप भी धोती
दीन दरिद्र के श्राप को धोती
हरेक मलिन छाप को धोती
तू मन के दर्पण धोती माँ

लोभ को धोती, क्षोभ को धोती
अहं को धोती, क्रोध को धोती
ईर्ष्या, मिथ्या, कठोर को धोती
दिव्या दृष्टि नयन धोती माँ

हर हर गंगे, हर हर गंगे
तेरे द्वार पर तेरे ही मंगे
भवसागर के सभी अड़ंगे
दूर कर, दुःख हर लेती माँ

तन धोती. मन धोती माँ
हम सबके जीवन धोती माँ

(C) S. D. Tiwari

English translation:

Ganges! O mother! the sacred river
you clean our body, you clean our soul,
you clean and make sacred, the life
you clean each and every particle.

You clean the pain, you clean the sin
you clean each dirty spot of life
you clean everyone whosoever takes dip
you clean mirror of his life

You clean the greed, gluttony, wrath
you clean pride, sloth, envy and lie.
You make the eternal vision clear
and you remove obstacles of life.

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jonny joe 06 December 2019

retarded poem fhf hfjh fjdjf jjm jfjfj j fjfj j jedf j j j

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Gajanand 27 November 2017

Very nice

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Dr John Celes 05 July 2015

bahut acchi kavithayein pyare shabd se likthe aap. shukriya

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S.D. TIWARI Quotes

What's the beauty of life; is the darkness of tomorrow.

बड़ों का फर्ज प्यार और सुरक्षा छोटों का कर्ज

चलो क्यों न जिंदगी की कुछ गति घटा लें, यूँ हम थोड़े लंबे समय तक चल लेंगे। - एस० डी० तिवारी Why don't we reduce speed of life, by this we can walk for bit more of time. S. D. Tiwari

हमें देखना आग नहीं देखती क्या है जलाना fire doesn't see what is to be toasted that we have to see

Though unscientific, English is a language of science.

Every popular person had a day, he was not known to any one.

I prefer to have my glass, always half empty; who knows, something better may fall to fill.

The actor who plays role of a soldier earns millions and the real hero, who dies in a action for his nation, hardly gets true reward.

Impressed with the virtual world so much, we hardly explore the real one, and assume virtual faces to be true.

If I can see the world today, a day would come; the world would see me.

I least believe the actors because they look someone different, what they are.

Discipline is the greatest religion, in life.

If you are able to discover the atom within you, you have discovered the God.

Being in nature is best cure of sick souls. बीमार मन प्रकृति का दर्शन उत्तम दवा

Man has made the machines to see, speak, hear and feel temperature but not yet to taste and smell.

In the field of crime investigation, machines are more relied than men.

Not a decoration, quality is creation.

It is the quality, which will, make my goodwill

Of a good company Quality is not an adventure But a venture

I can pronounce an English word in many ways, but never a Hindi word.

Dark and light colours can make the pictures.

वर्णों पर है टिका, भाषाओँ का संसार। वेद सब धर्मों का, है उद्भव का आधार।

Science is incomplete without principles of religion.

Religion mends beauty of a man from inside and science mends outside.

Science and religion, both are essential for human being at different stages.

Science provides comfort and religion gives pleasure of life.

Religion or science, none of them can lead the life alone.

Every sweet thing is not necessarily good for health, so are sweet words.

Lioness isolates her prey before hunting.

The most beautiful place is, where you live.

Life is like river. Flowing it is fresh, stagnant it rots. S. D. Tiwari

A common man has to do only two things: Earn his bread and learn to live.

Whatever you need to live, everything is here. Just take care, all of those are there for the next generation.

Whatever you need to live, everything is here. Just take care, all of those are there for the next generation.

Why should I show me? Who have eyes, let them open.

Everyone is born naked; we learn here how to dress up.

Emotions are fool and science is wise.

S.D. TIWARI Popularity

S.D. TIWARI Popularity

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