Black Hole

Rating: 4.4

A black hole is hungry,
it swallows light,
even the odd galaxy
like a hoover,
but get this—
they say it blows out
(at the other end, I guess)
new universes
like frogspawn
or bubbles, just think:
a froth of universes,
each as big as ours
but all different.
Man, it’s mind blowing!

Pia Andersson 03 March 2005

When my boy was 9 he always asked me about the black hole...and what could I say...Isnt if a fascinating thought that out of total darkness can come life and light. An interesting and different poem. Everything is possible Beautiful! !

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Moya Levy 20 April 2006

I love this! ! ! ! ! ! So glad I picked it, don't know what drew me to the title but this is great poem, truly I love it! Moyaxx

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Julia Klimenova 13 April 2006

You take new angles, explain the most complicated phenomena with vivid images and that's wonderful! Warmly, Julia

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Emma Johnson 14 February 2006

An artistic combination of images, from the mundane (hoover) to the sublime (froth) . Very vivid. Light pervades your poems Peter, even when it is threatened by the big voracious mouth of a black hole.

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shehla carol 04 July 2005

i m interested in astronomy and black holes r really mysterious.i had never read any poem like this one, related to modern astronomy.very good was really novel!

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Pia Andersson 03 March 2005

A poem with a message When my son was a little boy (he is 17 now) he used to ask me about the black hole...what could I say? Ajn interesting and different poem..Imagine that out of total darkness can come light and life...A very beautiful poem...with love Pia

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