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I'm learning to think in English and to feel it, though my mother tongue is Russian. And I'm learning through poetry.

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M S 27 June 2006

Julia, please post some of your poetry in Russian. О ч е н ь х о ч е т с я п о ч и т а т ь !

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Michael Shepherd 08 February 2006

Julia, welcome! Your command of English, poetic English, enables us to meet your thoughts in full. I look forward to reading your poems. You probably know that everyone around the world who reads Russian literature in translation feels that they are 'honorary Russians' in their heart...

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Simone Smit 01 February 2006

Julia - you have an incredible talent of capturing beauty. 'doomed to joy' and 'wordless' reminded me that if you open yourself to the world, it will speak to you in many languages.

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The Best Poem Of Julia Klimenova

A Brooch

My grandma had a dark blue brooch.
It was just glass, few pennies' worth.
Held to the light, it flashed, as bright
As all the diamonds on earth.
My 'treasure chest' full to the brim
Had all the wonders of the world,
The magic brooch there reigned supreme,
Though no one heard the tales it told.
Its every facet was to me
An invitation to the ball,
Where ladies dance in evening gowns
And shadows flutter on the wall.
My grandma said, 'One day I'll go
Then you'll have all my jewels, dear.'
She sounded proud, as if proclaimed
Me heiress to the throne. No fear
Of death, self-pity or complaint.
She knew and waited for her day.
The dark blue brooch was all I kept
When she did pass away.

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