A Sonnet In Memoriam For A Dead Pet Poem by Pete Crowther

A Sonnet In Memoriam For A Dead Pet

Rating: 3.6

Alas he’s gone our little friendly rat,
we’ll miss that trusting paw, those gentle ways,
as snuggling close to us content he sat.
Where now that little eager furry face,
those twitching whiskers, beady eyes? Such grace!
Poor Jack, you should have lived as long again
had you but had your rightful span of days.
You’ve left us now for where there is no pain,
which should console, but yet I must complain
to lose so soon this loving pet and friend.
The world may scoff and show its harsh disdain,
forget that we all share the self same end.
So Jack, we’ll say a very fond goodbye,
rememb’ring that at last we all must die.

Mark Smith 18 January 2005

pets never judge they are happy with food and fuss and sharing time with us and before we know it they grow old in front of our eyes and are gone, keep up the good work

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Herbert Nehrlich1 18 January 2005

Very nice and keeping emotions in check. Are you getting another one, in Jack's honour? H

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Scarborough Gypsy 26 March 2005

That's so sad! Have you heard the song called 'Ben' by Michael Jackson? That was about a rat. xx SG

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Robert Howard 26 November 2006

Well, at least Jack is in rat heaven now. He can probably find three lawyers for a hand (paw) of whist.

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Sylvia Spencer 02 March 2006

Oh Peter ---where is the nearest Taxidermist, I would have had him stuffed and dressed to look like Ratty from' Wind in The Willows' just fantistic cheers sylvie.

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Emma Johnson 14 February 2006

May it rest in peace. Lovely.

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Sandra Fowler 18 November 2005

Dear Peter, Cheers for your wise and wonderful work! You have a kind, compassionate soul. It shows in your poetry. Thank you for liking 'There Is A God.'. Sandra Fowler

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Liz Munro 04 November 2005

such a nice, but sad poem. Love it. added to fave poems. Liz. P.S: thankyou for reading my poems and your lovey comments. Liz

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Pete Crowther

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