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Pete Crowther Poems

1. Joey Brown And The New Order 12/8/2005
2. Tb87618 8/22/2005
3. September Afternoon 10/25/2004
4. Finding Comfort In Cosmology 4/25/2005
5. Hawthorn Blossom In The City 11/17/2004
6. Rooks 10/25/2004
7. Tidal Rhythms 11/17/2004
8. Time 11/17/2004
9. First Love 10/27/2004
10. The Millennium Yew 11/17/2004
11. Taking Shelter In A Summer Shower 11/17/2004
12. My Father 6/26/2005
13. Happy Valentine 11/17/2004
14. On Seeing Mars At Its Closest For 60,000 Years 11/17/2004
15. Beltane 5/1/2005
16. Do You Remember, Maria? (Trans. Count Aleksei Tolstoi) 10/27/2004
17. Hymn To The Sun 10/25/2004
18. Like Hens 11/17/2004
19. Superstition 11/17/2004
20. Sartori 10/25/2004
21. Leisler's Bat 10/25/2004
22. Miss Nellie's In The 'Fifties 11/17/2004
23. Moon Over The Humber 11/17/2004
24. The Once* 11/17/2004
25. The Tjet Or Knot Of Isis 11/17/2004
26. Sitting In My Garden 11/17/2004
27. Something In The Wind 3/15/2005
28. Meetings With Egyptian Gods: Nut 9/12/2005
29. My Neighbour Is A Farmer 2/12/2005
30. The Villanelle 11/17/2004
31. The Pipistrelle 11/18/2004
32. The Friendly Pig 11/15/2005
33. Rain 5/13/2007
34. Poor Brown Rat 11/17/2004
35. Travel Tips 3/23/2005
36. What Would It Be Like To Be A Bird? 8/7/2006
37. Hathor Of Dendera: A Litany 11/17/2004
38. The Apple Tree 10/25/2004
39. In The Rain (Trans. Of A.N. Maikov) 10/25/2004
40. The Grandfather I Never Knew 10/25/2004

Comments about Pete Crowther

  • Kareem Abdulrahim (10/16/2006 1:38:00 AM)

    i'm not sure how i feel about your bons mots, but the rest of your poetry is awesome. It is unexplainable how great the poems are.

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  • Scarlett Treat (5/21/2006 10:33:00 PM)

    Pete, you are, without a doubt, one of the best pastoral poets I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Your work takes me out of myself into another world, one filled with joy of 'all things wise and wonderful, all things great and small.' Thank you for being kind enough to share your writing with me, and your insight into life as well. You are awsome, Pete.

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  • Lori Boulard (1/16/2006 1:45:00 PM)

    Peter, I just want to let you know that whenever I feel like traveling, I end up among your poems. Each one is a little trip somewhere interesting, often pastoral, and always worth visiting. Thank you for them!

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  • Amanda Lukas (12/12/2005 1:23:00 PM)

    Always refreshing to read your work, Peter. You have a wonderfully descriptive nature! Keep up the great work. Looking forward to reading new poems!

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  • Louise Marie Delsanto (11/11/2005 10:55:00 PM)

    Thank you so much for reading me..Your poetry is quite beautiful..and you do have a talent for creative expression yourself...a pleasure reading you...


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  • Philippa Lane (8/4/2005 1:38:00 AM)

    I do think you are an especially gifted poet. You capture precious moments in your life; much as you capture your precious moths - with design, passion and dedication to the job at hand. You make something ordinary, extraordinarily beautiful. Your titles are wonderful, and throughout each poem runs a vein of simplicity which, it seems to me, comes from a deep reverence for life.

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  • Michael Tonkin (2/21/2005 8:42:00 AM)

    I am slowly making my way through your poems, and they all have something to say to me.
    I like 'A Fly In Amber' especially, I like the way it has existed from whenever and has seen all these wonderful moments.
    Anyone who knows what Eocene means deserves a medal, I had to look it up.

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  • Michael Shepherd (2/12/2005 5:44:00 AM)

    Eat your heart out, Hallmark Cards! Hearty congratulations, Peter.

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Best Poem of Pete Crowther

A Camera Has The Trick Of Freezing Time

The photo’s small and rather creased but there
We are, a family group in black and white.
A camera has the trick of freezing time.
We’re posed before a boat outside our house,
It is to be a sort of caravan
For holidays. It has a cabin newly built
Upon a hull that’s often sailed the Humber.
Each one of us is smiling in the sun.
The cabin’s shadow says it’s afternoon,
The trees’ and hedgerow’s leaves proclaim it spring.

The War is over now. My father’s home
On leave and looks relaxed. My mother’s pleased,
I remember how she wept and prayed for ...

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Beneath the clouds the rocky cliff
Rose up a thousand feet at least
And seemed to dominate the vale
Like some enormous castle wall
By giants built to subjugate
All lesser races such as we.

The climb was classed as ‘very severe’
Far harder than I’d done before

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