Black Seed

Black seed, what is Black seed?

Black seed is thymol, thymoquinone, and thymol hydroquinone all in one need.

Black seed is Caraway seed.

Black seed is a miracle seed for every mouth it feeds.

Black seed is Fennel flower.

Black seed in my own words is a part of the saying April showers will bring may flowers.

Black seed is Nutmeg flower.

Black seed is Nigella Sativa.

Black seed is Roman Coriander.

Black seed is Kalonji.

Black seed will make sure a person under high stress or stress won't fold or sink.

Black seed is everything that a human being needs.

Black seed will stop grief.

Black seed is the remedy for diabetes, asthma, and Epilepsy.

Black seed known to science researchers is a part of Black history.

Black seed is a part of the Black man's family.

Black seed is part of that Egyptian Spaceman diet aw yea,
you see.

Black seed is Halal and is for the Vegan man, see.

Black seed is the miracle seed.

Now that's Black seed for you all you have to do is read.

Sunday, March 19, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: black african american,everything,history,human being,life,lifestyle,science,seed