Blacks Were The Whites Poem by Michael Eziudo

Blacks Were The Whites

I don't blame them at all, I don't, no!
I blame the been-tos and them that live in Obodo Oyibo
For coming home with their maximized insanity and unexplained innuendo
Of the people whose mentality is complete opposite of their complexion

They came back with amutaram otu
And taught our girls to replace their eyelashes with nku nnunu rubber
And smoothen their faces with uru na nzuala
And told them they would look elegant
If only their clothes cover only the nipples of the breasts and their thighs stay bare
And that nothing of their bodies is important
And umuagbogho anyi followed them

Our been-to men came from Obodo Oyibo
And taught umuokoro anyi ozugbo
That it is no longer uncivil to look our fathers in the face and greet them in the morning
And that the enlightened should even call their father by his name not minding
That africanism is an ancient principle they say
Oh, not fitting a time as this

And the sisters come again
They tell our umuagbogho the same
Your di is your ogbe see him as ebiri
And then she deliberately refuses to make her bed
And heat the kitchen for a food
Oh the battleline is drawn
He must know what side of the bed she awoke from

And them been-tos of black minds come in
Teach man to man man
And woman to womanize
And the flesh of the sister he should keep he devours
The holy of holies is no longer sacred
He tears the vail to enter with force
And brother wets the thirsty grounds with a brother's blood
And the sell of one's friend an easy game

And oganikuku follows these been-tos and obinobodo Oyibo
And there uwa ojoo goes about naked
And the mannerism of the mannered grew wings
And flew to a dead destination where it died
And every secret is no longer secret in the open sun
And the world keeps collapsing
Oyibo t'oshe pensu l'oshe eraser

We were whiter than the whites
Until this nzu ocha begins to kiss the blackboard
And the blackness of the assumed whiteboard
Made so buy the efforts of the nzu
Covers the whiteness of nzu ocha

And now our heritage is lost
And for that we're seen as we were not
Blacks were the white

Thursday, August 17, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: society
Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

Benin City, Nigeria
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