Conversing With Myself Poem by Spirit Music Hope

Conversing With Myself

Rating: 5.0

In the realm of forgiveness, I embark,
Where memories bloom and shadows hark.
To forget, a denial of my soul's past,
A dance with lies that cannot forever last.

I refuse to cloak the bliss I once knew,
A symphony of moments, melodies true.
For to deny such rapture is to deceive,
In silent whispers, truth tries to cleave.

In fleeting fragments, someone once stayed,
A flicker of light, where darkness abrade.
To forget them would orphan a part of me,
A starless night, bereft of its harmony.

Life, a tapestry woven with pain,
A tumultuous path, where sorrows reign.
Yet I shan't avert my gaze from the ache,
Instead, embrace the tempest and its wake.

Amidst the fragments, scattered and torn,
I gather the shards, where hope is reborn.
Lingering in ruins brings naught but more pain,
I'll mend my being, the pieces regain.

Abandoning comfort's seductive lull,
I venture into realms unknown, a lustrous cull.
Clutching at falsehoods won't quench my thirst,
In pursuit of truth, my spirit's outburst.

Ever onward, I'll tread, a nomad's plight,
Through untrodden landscapes, bathed in twilight.
Seeking my dreams, elusive and veiled,
Within their enigma, secrets unveiled.

The sprint towards dreams didn't mar my grace,
But a labyrinth, a tapestry to embrace.
Unraveling the threads, I seek the key,
Unveiling the essence, transcending the decree.

So I run with purpose, through ethereal air,
Traversing the depths of introspective lair.
Senses entwined, emotions cascade,
Unveiling the ineffable, the profound charade.

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