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Blame Obama … - Poem by Hebert Logerie

Blame Obama …

Blame Obama for everything under the moon,
And for anything miles deep under the valley of Dehradun.
Blame him, because he was elected democratically
And not selected by the political bosses and cronies,
Who have run the Empire for the last centuries.
I promise you that I will be unorthodox and not politically
Correct; I will open your eyes and tell you
The truths about the system and its mechanisms;
I expect you to listen and understand too.
This is not an encore, but rather a continuation
Of my grievances. I hate to fall under any types of isms.
Long before President Obama’s election,
The country was sinking rapidly into a deep hole;
Walls Street had its bloody claws deep into the soul
Of Main Street, who was already facing a serious depression
Small businesses were going under; layoffs all across the nation,
Unemployment benefits exhausted; crooks and criminals
Roaming the streets; high rollers and rankers at the police stations
And at the school districts were earning over two hundred thousand
Dollars annually, with untold amenities and living in mansions
Fit and built for kings and queens, while a band
Of civil servants and workers were scraping the streets to survive;
Pensioners were scared, they have been deprived
Of their earned benefits, which have been marginally cut;
The new budget was the quintessential scapegoat, the culprit;
The prisons were filled up beyond the maximum capacity; the Internet
Was populated by falsely advertised job openings; the net
Has trapped countless uninformed or ill advised homeowners,
Who were fooled by the advisers, brokers and bankers.
Things were already intermingled, intertwined, complex and messy;
Needless to say, I would have to write an encyclopedia
To spell out everything, I just gave you an impromptu summary.
At times, don’t be afraid to blame the press, the media
Who fell to practice their vocation by trying to be politically too correct;
Some of them forget that “journalism” is a noble profession.
They blame Obama for anything that goes wrong under the sun;
The Brother is being constantly harassed by well paid journalists,
Unscrupulous hyenas, highly educated freeloaders,
Sharply dressed sweet talkers and gluttonous scavengers,
Who do not tell the truth and who fabricate lies, those lobbyists
Are shrewd and powerful, because of their links to Congress
And big companies they can easily put the world under duress.
As a human being, Obama has had his bad and good days in Heaven,
However, he has excelled in areas that the conglomerate fell to mention;
E.g., in Defense, Security, Health, Poverty, Education,
Etc., and the lists go on and longer than one would read and inspect.
The best way, to get even, is to vote for the future of our children
Obama is unequivocally and clearly the right candidate,
The leader who possesses the fair and just mandate,
To drive us out of this insurmountable challenge.
Make your voice heard, make the right choice;
Vote for a proven capable leader who can positively change
The course of history; open your eyes, and voice
Your opinions; be active and think positive.
Things are rough and tough now, be alert and pro-active.

Copyright© December 2011, Hebert Logerie, All Rights Reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of two new poetry books: “Monts et Vallées de l’Amour’ (in French) and ‘Mounts and Valleys of Love” (in English) .
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