Our Beautiful Children…. Poem by Hebert Logerie

Our Beautiful Children….

Rating: 4.1

Our beautiful children are dying
In Africa, Europe, the Middle East
Asia, the Americas,
And in every projects where there is no peace.
Our black children are dying
For lack of basic necessities and because of the lies
And the carelessness of their greedy leaders.
Our white children are dying
Because of the expensive weapons and the nuclear reactors.
Our brown children are dying
Because of the selfishness of the oppressors
Our yellow children are dying
Because of the savagery of the dictators.
Our beautiful children are dying,
When will they stop suffering?
We forgot that we were once beautiful children.
When will this senseless carnage end?
We should love them and protect them.
We should feed them and help them.
Let the rainbow display the colors of heaven.
Let's fill up the air with love; let's ring and ring
The bells of happiness on this beautiful land,
In every street corners and every Carrefour
Let's stop this holocaust, this bloody war in Darfur.
Let the colorful doves caress the blue firmament
And let the children play together under the heavenly tent.

Copyright ©August 2008, Hébert Logerie, All Rights Reserved
Hebert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.
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Joseph Poewhit 19 May 2009

With 9 billion people there is much suffering

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C. P. Sharma 19 May 2009

Beautiful children are suffering everywhere. black or brown white or bright. Some have no food others are love starved. CP

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Noel Horlanda 18 May 2009

Read yah, loud and clear. What else can I say, it's beautiful, lovely, gorgeous, fantastic, etc... how could you write that way...very creative, profoundly written, touch my heart, it even bleeds me furiously. Oh my this is wonderful, wish I could also write like this. Very talented indeed. Over all impression - I've already given all the superlatives that I could think of. Mind you, I love children too, no race stratification. Thanks...

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Stephanie Varnadore 18 May 2009

it was beautifully writen. and it is all so true in this realm we call home. very nice.

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The foolishness of human being one day will give place for reason. On this day everybody will be dealt as f God's children.

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Ritty Patnaik 27 September 2009

one of the best poems i have read so far.poem shows your genuine concern for the children of the world.whereever they may be they need love and guidance, to become true citizens of the world.great write......10+++ ritty

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faith Toy 23 May 2009

like i said its ood. :)

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Indira Babbellapati 21 May 2009

it's the beautiful earth's future that's dying, isn't it? i think it's 'an elegy to beslan' in which i expressed a similar concern...all humans have similar concerns. wonder where lies the gap between concern and action!

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 20 May 2009

All children are beautiful irrespective of their race and color. And let the children play together under the heavenly tent. Best Wishes Naseer

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Saadat Tahir 20 May 2009

indeed H_L Let the colorful doves caress the blue firmament And let the children play together under the heavenly tent. thats Gods way...thats how HE would want it very nice lines cheers

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