Breath Of Spring Air Poem by Hebert Logerie

Breath Of Spring Air

Rating: 4.1

Melting snow,
Cool breeze,
Crows diving in a row,
Return of the unfriendly bees,
Rainbow in the sky,
And the songs of the talkative parrot;
These are signs that Spring is around the corner.
Again, she has defeated Queen Winter,
With that incredible show in the parking lot.
She is now wearing the crown and three ostentatious rubies;
Oh my golly! She can also poise better than all of the beauties
Gathered during the Ms.Universe beauty pageant.

Sigh of Lent,
Palm Sunday,
Children at play,
Gardens decorated with confetti,
Humming birds flying high,
And the young grand-mother in bikini;
These are hints that the celebration
Will commence early this spring.
One duck is already being trailed by an offspring,
Meanwhile, the zebras are being chased by one starving lion,
Who can no longer run like a supersonic train.
Amidst all of that, somebody is going to have fun.

Copyright© March 2009, Hebert Logerie, All Rights Reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of two poetry books:
“Sparkles of Love and Etincelles de l’Amour”

Hébert Logerie is the author of “Mounts And Valleys of Love”
https: // bookid=58359

Lynn Glover 25 May 2009

Sorry I didn't get to answer sooner. The poems I looked at and they are magnificently written. Well versed and have a very smooth flow. Good write on all three poems. Look up my O'er Yon Mountain and see what you think. Its from my book 'Poems from the Heart' published in 2008.

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Leslie Rodriguez 24 May 2009

Definitely me favorite so far from what Ive far.. :) Awesome one.

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Jerry Abrahamson 21 May 2009

Great poem. I love it.

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Joseph Poewhit 21 May 2009

Happy poem with an undertone of the perplexities of aging.

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heatherjean. cropper 20 May 2009

I love the spring and I love nature.. in fact, I was born in the spring.

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Akhtar Jawad 03 April 2018

Such a beautiful description of springs that have changed life of everyone.

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 18 October 2009

Brilliant piece. loved it. -

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Deepti Agarwal 15 September 2009

Beauty of Spring along with Growing old gracefully.. is all here.. with lovely mention of Queen Winter.... :)

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Marcella D 09 July 2009

this poem is beautiful, I just wish I didn't get sick during spring

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Springtime scented, colorful, fluent and sublime.10.

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