Blind Poem by Ibnu Din Assingkiri


Rating: 4.5

When pieces of my tainted life
scattered in the ocean of uncertain
I drifted in darkness without a pin of light
lost in a world of confusion
hope is thinning away
to see yet another bright shiny day

Cleaning my dirt with a shower of tears
just to see a black dot of embedded guilt
deep inside my naked heart
the shadow of negligence, dancing without rhythm
laughing at my face;
my bloody little faith

Throw me your anger oh My Beloved
I deserved to be warned,
for forgetting the smell of your Garden
and the punishment of the Great Fire,
for being unthankful to your Mercy
and completely blind by the comfort of your Gifts

Malaya Roses 29 January 2011

Sometimes we have to learn from the harsh life and its pain to understand the true meaning of regret and repent. A composure of inner submission to The Most Gracious God. Keep it up, my friend.

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Pink Butterfly ... 05 February 2011

A fervent write! ! ! Everybody deserves chances, you can always start all over again. Well done. God bless you! ! !

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Valsa George 30 October 2013

When we are surrounded by comforts, it is likely that we forget God's mercy and not bother to thank Him! In the dazzling glory of the world, we become blind! So trials are needed to maintain a certain balance! Great write!

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Lynn Glover 14 February 2011

The blindness and darkness of the poets world adds to a confusing situation that only the intervention of God can correct. Good luck and our prayers.

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Ken E Hall 08 February 2011

Nice reavealing poem of self, God is always there and he will light your path for sure...regards

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Leela Devi 06 February 2011

the subtle message is striking

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Mohammed Albalushi 05 February 2011

well write dear poet, its very rich poem, u expresses ur eeling s in welldone way

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Ibnu Din Assingkiri

Ibnu Din Assingkiri

Singkir Laut, Kedah, Malaysia
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