Pink Butterfly

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Abhay Vignesh L 06 March 2011

Great craftsmanship.Well penned poetry

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Paul Henry Dallaire 17 February 2009

I really like this poem Butterfly as I am a mortician by trade and I wonder about the after life and if there is one. Anyway you are right I am not a song writer as soon as I figure it out I'll have my songs tranferred to the proper place as I don't want to offend poem writers with only my songs. Thanx Paul.

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The Best Poem Of Pink Butterfly

Bury Me To Eternity

Silence glow within the dark
As humility stumble with kindness
Sorrow is a malignant curse
That begins confusion and sadness

Devastated dreams and luck
Thoughts deceived by words
Intensely dropped broken hope
Pierced by countless swords

Destiny proclaims a mystery
A day so close and deep
Sun’s virtues were untold
To my ears are saved to creep

Blood rustle down my veins
Huge remorse to defeat and break
Hatred and guilt all follows
With this deep wound that you make

Relieve me now my dearest
In this tormented vanity
Give me touch of affection
And “Bury Me To Eternity”

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Pink Butterfly Popularity

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