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Aditi Dutta 02 January 2011

I love reading your poems. Every poem of yours has its highlight and it's wonderful the way you connect life to your poems.

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Madeeha Ayub 28 December 2010

your poem really describes the essence of being lonely... a beautiful way to express what you feel...

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Narayanan Ramakrishnan 27 December 2010

Thirsty heart created love or love created thirsty hearts? Love and passion is the output. Great. Keep it up. Narayanan.R

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Brian Taylor 13 December 2010

Leela, I like your poems.

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Kee Thampi 29 July 2008

here we can read best poems to be with us and to pat for ever

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Laughs the happy April morn
Thro' my grimy, little window,
And a shaft of sunshine pushes
Thro' the shadows in the square.

Dogs are tracing thro' the grass,
Crows are cawing round the chimneys,
In and out among the washing
Goes the West at hide-and-seek.

Loud and cheerful clangs the bell.
Here the nurses troop to breakfast.
Handsome, ugly, all are women . . .
O, the Spring-the Spring-the Spring!

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